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You can count on Techni-Graphics to write and design creative ads to deliver your message, support branding efforts, and sell your product or service.

Techni-Graphics prepares media schedules that show how the budget is allocated each month throughout the campaign or year. These schedules identify the placement details for each publication selected to reach potential customers. Clients like approving their plan well in advance and referencing their schedule month to month to see at a glance where their ads will appear.

Seeing your professionally designed ads again and again builds trust in your organization and confidence in the success of your products and service.

Collage of ads.
Collage of ads.

Techni-Graphics understands the need to write press releases that are newsworthy and of interest to each publication's circulation. We want to capitalize on the free press exposure for grand openings, open house events, financial reporting, moves, new hires, expansion plans, and more. A good press release oftentimes includes a photograph and is sent to newspapers, television, and radio stations as well as trade publications specific to each client.

PHD Manufacturing

December 1, 2008

Rick Persing
P: 574-536-3857

PHD Launches New "WINGSERT™" Pipe Hanger For Sprinkler Systems

Columbiana, OH - PHD Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Pipe Hangers and Devices, Strut Products & Accessories, and Sprinkler Systems Products, is introducing the new "WINGSERT™" Pipe Hanger. The patent pending "wing-tipped" design allows the insert to remain installed until the pipe fitter desires to release it - it's simple and effective.

The factory-installed WINGSERT™ saves installers the time of searching through the box for loose cumbersome parts. Engineered with 'going green' in mind, there are no disposable plastic washers or other loose parts. "Unlike the competition, our insert stays intact from the factory to the installation. If you want to take the insert out, all you have to do is squeeze it to release it," said Rick Persing, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Fire Protection division. Designed for 1/2 through 2 inch pipe, the WINGSERT™ hangers have UL & FM/Factory Mutual and cUL approvals and are available in metric.

Our slogan, "The Future is Now at PHD!" was launched at the recent AFSA Convention in Washington, DC to announce PHD's plans to launch many innovative product ideas in the near future. "We're excited about the response we're getting for the WINGSERT™ with no added material, and no added cost, we are happy to provide the best of both worlds," added Persing.

When it comes to product innovation and quality, PHD Manufacturing has over 38 years of experience in the pipe hanger, strut, and sprinkler systems industry. PHD's knowledge of state and federal regulations, along with its worldwide distribution network, allowed the company to become a recognized industry leader with an aggressive approach to quality, customer service, product development, sales, and marketing. For more information call 1-800-321-2736 or visit

Wingsert Picture.


Donations will offset Summer Mission trips

Need your yard raked, flower beds mulched, or garage cleaned? A team of kids including an adult leader could be at your home to take on your project. Call Pastor Greg O'Dell "PG" at Evangel Baptist Church 330-782-1151 to find out if work dates are still available. PG says, "Generally people are very generous when they see teens working hard to earn money for a trip to serve people in need".

This year Rent-a-kid project donations offset two mission trips. Twenty-one students and leaders are going to Mahaska County, Iowa, a recipient of a Presidential Disaster Declaration after severe flooding last Spring. The other team of twelve older students and leaders is going to build houses for people living in poverty in the hills of Northern Baja, Mexico.

Rent-a-kid projects and tax deductible donations help students in our community make a difference in their world while receiving important life changing perspectives concerning poverty and serving others. PG added, "It's a pleasure to watch as kids turn into young adult leaders as they grow in their faith". Anyone interested in finding out more about New Gen mission trips can see the videos of the 2007 & 2008 mission trips online at - click on Ministries then New Gen.

New Gen Youth Group is open to grades 9-12, meeting at 6:30pm on Thursday evenings at 5248 Southern Blvd. The typical New Gen meeting proceeds as follows: ice breakers, topic & scripture passage introduction, small groups, message focus, and hangout time, with the main emphasis on small group time. The 50 plus students that make up the group come in from many schools throughout the valley including: Boardman, Poland, Canfield, and Youngstown.

To make a donation, write check to: Evangel Baptist Church - - Youth Missions - - 5248 Southern Blvd., Boardman, OH 44512. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt with a thank you note in return.

Summer Mission Group Picture.

Two teams went to work on Saturday, March 28th. Team One is pictured above just after completing their first yard clean up. From l to r: Bill Nitch, Bradley Duganne, Will Bailey, homeowner George Basista, Pastor Greg O'Dell, Chris Sharp, Cameron Rogers, Lenny Burke, and David Holman.

Tropeas Fine Biscotti


Techni-Graphics was highly referred to Jim Tropea when he was searching for an advertising agency that could help with marketing & advertising planning, and create high quality literature and creative support for a website. "My wife Susie and I have been so pleased with everything Techni-Graphics has done for us . . . the creative copywriting, quality photography and design generates so many and supports our quality products as we prayed for." said Jim Tropea.

Initial work began with a photoshoot, then the design of a brochure and providing creative support for their website. Posters and enlarged photo for displaying at coffee shops along with table cards and labels, etc have also been designed. Their marketing plan includes ad placement in trade and travel magazines and more. Although the company has only been in business since 2005, plans to go global are inevitable.

Below is a copy of their first press release:

Contact: Jim Tropea

Tel. 330-750-0460
Cell Phone 330-501-3793

". . . so moist and flavorful, they do not need to be dunked in a cup a coffee."

Tropea's Fine Pastry, a wholesale and retail bakery based in Campbell, Ohio, is fast becoming known for it's gourmet biscotti that has been popping up at fine coffee shops across the nation. Although the company sells biscotti direct at 330-750-0460 and on their website at, they value their loyal coffee shops who appreciate how Tropea's biscotti keeps customers coming back for more.

The Tropea's take pride in using only high-quality ingredients and a unique baking process to produce biscotti so moist and flavorful, they do not need to be dunked in a cup a coffee. It all began in Tropea, Italy where the family's original biscotti recipes were handed down through the generations. The owners translated the recipes from Italian and added their own enhancements, such as the rare European Chocolate used in top selling biscotti like their Double Chocolate Decadence, the Chocolate Carmel Walnut, and the Chocolate Cinnamon Orange

Owners Jim and Susan Tropea bring years of business and baking experience to the company. Jim is a Chocolatier and Susan is a trained pastry baker. The company specializes in gourmet biscotti, along with brownies and baneberry tarts (a rare 100 year old recipe). "I see our biscotti as an artist sees the canvas� and we offer a variety of flavors"....says Susan Tropea. The adult pallet acquires a taste for finer things, and those who love to develop and appreciate the finer things in life will enjoy Tropea biscotti. "Just like fine wine, chocolate, coffee and tea, each bite is appreciated and evaluated for taste, texture, and appearance. Magnifico!" said Jim.

For information or to set up an interview, call 330-750-0460 or e-mail Jim Tropea at

Tropea ad.

Promotions and Fundraising

Techni-Graphics has been hired to develop media campaigns to promote a variety of issues from school levies, to public service announcements for a variety of organizations. A few examples included Youngstown State Athletics (Promotion of their Brick Campaign), Boardman High Schools Auditorium project, Boardman's Fields of Dreams, etc.

The Boy Scouts of America

Tehni-Graphics appreciates Scouting because it teaches leadership and survival skills to young boys and has an amazing success rate for developing men of integrity who become our leaders of tomorrow. As a proud sponsor and member of the Fundraising committee for the Boy Scouts of America, Techni-Graphics assists with the development and promotions of the Annual Fundraising Breakfast, recruiting, and the annual popcorn sale. Promotional efforts have included writing and producing television and radio commercials, designing print ads, and writing a variety of press releases.

Sample Boy Scout Press Release:


One hundred thirty one young men earned their Eagle Scout Award last year in the Greater Western Reserve Council. Scouting helps youth build academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives. Through an exciting outdoor program, community service, and other activities, a Scout learns how to do things for himself and the value of helping others, and deepens his understanding of his duty to God, country and family.

The Trail's End Popcorn Sale, now underway, provides much needed funds to support our local Boy Scout Units and the Greater Western Reserve Council. "I thought a television commercial showing how the proceeds benefit our local scouts would be helpful." said Clarence Smith, a long time friend of Scouting, who's goal is to improve this year's popcorn sales. "The popcorn is very good, and I know more people and businesses would support the sale if they could call or e-mail their order". added Smith. As a result the council website was updated to accept orders arrangements with local Packs and Troops were made to follow up on the sale orders. "I want the youth of our Scout Units in the Valley to receive the benefit of a sale directly into their local accounts. Most of these kids set sales goals so they can attend camp or purchase camping equipment�. the popcorn sale is the vehicle they use to do that. It is how we can create their Ideal Year of Scouting program!" said Pete Biltz, Assistant Scout Executive.

A volunteer production crew worked with many scouts, leaders and parents who agreed to participate during the Cub Scout Summer Resident Camp at Camp Stambaugh. The commercial was designed from an Eagle Scout's perspective who believes that seeing the many adventures scouting offers, may encourage more young boys to join scouting and begin their path to Eagle Rank.

The Greater Western Reserve Boy Scout Council serves 23,000 youth in 6 counties in Northeast Ohio. For more information about scouting, the popcorn sale, or to sign up your son, call Sarah Marino at 330-898-8474 x15, or visit, or e-mail Sarah at

Ad for the Boy Scouts of America.

Ad for the Boy Scouts of America.