Web Design

Having a "Web Presence"

We can almost guarantee that some sort of internet presence will benefit your business whether it be a full-blown website, or a lower-cost alternative. In any case it makes sense to explore your options. Today, most people use the internet as their main source for finding information. If you're not there, you're invisible and losing business to your competition who does have a presence. These are the most common reasons for having a website:

  • to provide information about your business/organization to the public.
  • to allow people to find you on the internet.
  • to provide a professional image for your business.
  • to sell goods or services over the internet.

At Techni-Graphics, we'll discuss your situation and determine what type of website will fit your company best. It's common for the family computer enthusiast to take on the job, or for a business to delegate it to whoever within the company seems to know the most about the internet. Don't fall into this trap -- you will end up wondering why your website doesn't perform.


Clients deserve the highest quality work for their advertising dollars. When it comes to web design, rather than hire a permanent web designer, Techni-Graphics partners with Miles Oldenburg resulting in a "win win win" for all involved. "Miles is brilliant - his exceptional programming and website navigation & optimizing skills create successful websites. Together we blend the expertise of marketing, design & web programming to achieve many goals." Clients especially like the option of having their site programmed to allow in-house updates. It takes years to learn all the intricacies of the internet and to know how to avoid the pitfalls. The experts know the difference between a site that looks good and a site that performs well. You may notice the Techni-Graphics website along with the websites shown above were created without using a template resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind, appearance that is easy to navigate.

Sue Dotson at PHD Manufacturing enjoys uploading new products to the on-line catalog, adding news to the What's New page, literature and handling changes in-house.

Mike Coates Construction especially likes the the "Projects Bidding" page that allows vendors with pre-approval the opportunity to download drawings they wish to bid on. This page eliminates the time-consuming task of making copies of each drawing for each vendor. Uploading the drawings is easier than they thought and appreciated by all involved. The "Gallery" page allows prospective clients the opportunity to see beautiful interior and exterior photos of countless quality construction projects in the Mike Coates Construction portfolio. This introduction gives confidence in the capabilities of the company.

Lowry Supply received a complete make-over to their site included new logo design to impress new & existing customers with their many lines. Parts representing each product line were photographed and placed into their new rotating banners on the home page. The header was programed to remain at the top of the site even when visitors navigate their suppliers websites to they can remain the contact for ordering. Lowry's sales director likes the ability to add promotions and make a variety of changes to the pages whenever needed from his laptop.

Both Bulldog Rack and Thatcher Heating are continuing to add pages but are very happy with Phase 1 of their new websites.

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