Illustrations and Photography


The ability to create illustrations and provide quality photographs has always given Techni-Graphics a competitive edge. Techni-Graphics knows when it is appropriate to incorporate photographs or illustrations in literature. We have the artistic ability to combine both to accomplish a creative idea.

Sample illustrations.

Although logos are typically designed for new businesses or products, Techni-Graphics also redesigns or develops new logos for businesses to brand a new image.

Sample logos.


Techni-Graphics will assess the needs and schedule a photoshoot to capture the images to fit the project and the clients budget. Clients are impressed with the photo-retouching capabilities that allow alterations and enhancements as needed. Whether changing colors or adding or deleting items from a photo, it's amazing how an artist with the right tools can achieve amazing results. Many times retouching allows clients to alter existing photographs to save the cost of a new photoshoot. Ask for a quote today.

Sample photographs.